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SAF, Overview
sample rate, Digital Audio, sample rate, Digital Video
sample resolution, Digital Audio, sample resolution
sampling, sampling
saturation, saturation
scaling vector files, Scaling Vector Files
scan lines, Sources of Bitmap Data: Raster Devices, scan line
scan-line data, Scan-line data
scan-line tables, scan-line table, How Bitmap Files Are Organized, Other Bitmap File Data Structures
scan-line width, Image Description Information
Scanmaster, CCITT (Huffman) Encoding
scanning, Reading Graphics Data, Digital Video
scene description file formats, Introduction, scene description language, Scene Formats
NFF, Overview
OFF, Overview
P3D, Overview
Pixar RIB, Overview
POV, Overview
QRT, Overview
Radiance, Overview
Rayshade, Overview
RTrace, Overview
SGI Inventor, Overview
uRay, Overview
Vivid and Bob, Overview
YAODL, Overview
scenes, Scene Formats
scientific data management and HDF, Overview
sci.image.processing newsgroup, General Resources
screen dumps and XWD, Overview
SECAM (Sequential Coleur Avec Memoire) digital television standards, Overview, SECAM, Digital Video
selective refinement, JPEG, Selective refinement
semi-adaptive encoder, For Further Information About JPEG
Sense8 NFF, Overview
sequential encoding/decoding, JBIG Basics
sex, bit, Bit Order, bit sex
sex, color, Bit Order
SFF, Overview
SGI (Silicon Graphics Inventor), Overview, Overview
RLE, bit/byte-level, For Further Information About JBIG
and SGO, Overview
SGO (Silicon Graphics Object), Overview
SIGGRAPH, Metafiles
simple image tiling, Image tiling
single-channel palette, single-channel palette, Types of palettes
size of structure, Gotchas
slides, format for, Overview
.SND file format, Audio
driver, Problems with the display environment
fully conforming, Test Files
public domain, Public domain
software packages, see MS Windows software packages, MS-DOS software packages, Macintosh software packages, OS/2 software packages, UNIX software packages, source code packages
source code packages, FBM (Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation), GBM (Generalized Bitmap Module), giftrans, ISO MPEG-2 Codec, JBIG-KIT, jpegsrc, libpng, libtiff, Piclab Source, Extended Portable Bitmap Toolkit (pbmplus), pnmtopng, PTOT, zlib
specifications, file format, Writing a File Format Specification
SPIFF (Still Picture Interchange File Format), SPIFF (Still Picture Interchange File Format) , Overview
copyright notices in files, Copyright notices in graphics files
spline-based outline fonts, Spline-based outline fonts
splines, Bezier, Vector File Size Issues, Bezier curve, Overview
spreadsheet file formats
Microsoft SYLK, Overview
vector formats, Sources of Vector Format Files
spreadsheet file formats and Lotus DIF, Overview
STAD image, STAD Format (.PAC)
stereo sampling, Digital Audio
STI terminal communication protocol, Overview
storage, How We See Color
stream, Streams, stream
stream-based image format, File Organization
Streamline (Adobe), Bitmap and Metafile to Vector
string table, Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) Compression
strips, Strips, strip
stroke fonts, Stroke fonts
structure, determining size of, Gotchas
substitutional encoding algorithm, Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) Compression
substrings, Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) Compression
subtractive color systems, subtractive system, Additive and subtractive color systems
Sun Icon, Overview
SunRaster image, Example 1: Microsoft Windows Bitmap Version 1.x Format Header, Overview
and byte order, Byte Order
and VIFF, Overview
SunView GUI and Sun Icon, Overview
symmetric compression, For Further Information About JBIG
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