Internet Graphics Resources

This section contains references to a variety of newsgroups, mailing lists, FTP archives, and World Wide Web sites that will be helpful to graphics programmers and others who need information and graphics resources.[3]

[3] Our thanks to Shari L.S. Worthington for her contribution to a similar summary that appeared in the first edition of this book. Many of the Internet resources listed here were included in her article, "Imaging on the Internet: Scientific/Industrial Resources," which appeared in Advanced Imaging, February 1994.

General Resources

The prime source of graphics information on USENET is the FAQ for the newsgroup. Information on file formats, image processing and analysis, books and journal articles, and graphics and imaging software packages is updated monthly in this FAQ.

The image-processing FAQ found in the sci.image.processing newsgroup gives a list of Macintosh image-processing information available via FTP, USENET, email, telephone, and the postal service.

The Pilot European Image Processing Archive (PEIPA) is a repository and distribution service for software, digests, and newsgroup archives concerned with image processing, analysis, manipulation, generation, and the display of graphics. The PEIPA FTP site ( contains the British Machine Vision Association (BMVA) and Society for Pattern Recognition newsletter (directory ipa/digest/bmva), the International Association for Pattern Recognition newsletter (directory ipa/digest/IAPR), and the archives for the pixel (ipa/digests/pixel ) and Vision-List (directory ipa/digests/vision-list) mailing lists.



3D imaging


An excellent source of multimedia files

An excellent source of graphics files


An alternative to comp.compression

An alternative to

Discussion of image manipulation software


Medical image processing and analysis


Data compression algorithms and theory


Discussions about data compression research, including JPEG and MPEG


Digital signal processing and audio formats


Font file formats

Computer graphics, art, animation, image processing, and file formats

Technical aspects of computer animation

Technical discussion on latest graphics research

Information on scientific visualization


Geographic information systems


Information on using image files on Web pages


Interactive multimedia technologies


Speech processing topics


Macintosh scientific and engineering applications

Graphics software and issues on SGI systems

Modeling, storage, and retrieval of scientific data


Scientific image processing and analysis

Mailing lists


Association of electronic lists and journals on electronic publishing

To subscribe: send email to

Discussion of the NIH Image software package for the Macintosh

To subscribe: send email to with the body "subscribe nih-image yourfirstname yourlastname"

British Machine Vision Association newsletter for all image processing, machine vision, pattern recognition, remote sensing, and related topics

To subscribe: send email to

Computer vision discussion of algorithms and techniques

To subscribe: send email to with the body "subscribe vision-list"

Image processing using the X Window System

To subscribe: send email to with "subscribe ximage" in the body of the message

FTP Archives

3D object repository; archive of graphics file format specifications

File format archive

File format archive

Clearinghouse for Microsoft Windows applications, tips, utilities, drivers, and bitmaps

National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Publicly available software for image processing, data analysis, and visualization for the Macintosh, PC, and UNIX platforms. Archive of graphics file specifications.

File format archive

San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). Image Tools, ImageTyper, and Interactive Color Tutorial. Sound and image file archive.

File format archive

UUNET archive. Large collection of graphics and imaging software including the archive.

File format archive

File format archive

International Society for Optical Engineering. Proceedings, programs, and information on Technical Working Groups, including electronic imaging.

Pilot European Image Processing Archive. Contains many images and software packages, including the Khoros GUI development environment. Also contains a modest collection of graphics file formats specifications.

Naval Research Laboratory Research Computation Division Visualization Laboratory. Mostly Macintosh programs for chemistry, biology, math, imaging, AI, data acquisition, etc.

Smithsonian Institution photoimage archives

Large repository of Macintosh software

University of North Carolina. Information on multimedia images, video, and sound. Graphical image collection.

Archive of graphics file format specifications

Large archive of graphics software and graphics file format specifications and information

Mirror site for most major FTP archive sites. Also contains a large archive of graphics and images for math and life science educators, as well as file formats.

File format archives

National Institutes of Health archive for the Macintosh NIH Image and related publicly available programs.

Web sites

Electronic journals and newsletters

Chemical and Biomedical Imaging Resources

The following resources contain information on the sciences of chemistry, biology, biomedicine, and nuclear medicine. The Biomedical Computer Laboratory (BCL) is supported by the National Institute of Health's (NIH) National Center for Research Resources (NCRR). The BCL promotes the application of advances in computer science and engineering, mathematics, and the physical sciences to research problems in the biological and medical fields by supporting the development of advanced research technologies. Emphasis is on quantitative imaging, including PET image reconstruction, computational optical-sectioning microscopy, shape modeling and segmentation, electron-microscopic autoradiography (EMA), image acquisition and quantitative analysis of DNA electrophoretic gels and autoradiograms, and parallel processing.

Mailing lists

Cognitive science and neuroscience discussion

To subscribe: send email to with the body "subscribe cogneuro"


Medical imaging discussion

To subscribe: send email to listserv%polygraf.bitnet@mitvma.\\* with the body "subscribe medimage"

A discussion of nuclear medicine and related issues, including the format of digital images

To subscribe: send email to with the body "subscribe nucmed yourfirstname yourlastname"

Radiology Special Interest Group

To subscribe: send email to with the body "subscribe radsig yourfirstname yourlastname"

Veterinary medicine computer assisted instruction

Topics include imaging, expert systems, and LIMs.

To subscribe: send email to with body "subscribe vetcai-l yourfirstname yourlastname"

FTP archives

Computational chemistry and biology information

University of North Carolina. Information on astronomy, biology, chemistry, molecular modeling, geology, and GIS.

Biomedical Computer Laboratory. Quantitative imaging data.

Telnet archives

Nuclear Data Center

Login: nndc

Web Sites

Agricultural-related mailing lists

Medical imaging, George Washington University

MedWeb: Adam's Guide to medical resources on the Internet images

Neurosciences Internet resource guide

Neuroscience mailing lists

Other Internet neuroscience resources

Nuclear medicine resources

Nuclear medicine resources on the Internet

Veterinary medicine

Meteorological, Oceanographic, and Geophysical Imaging Resources

The latest weather data sources are located in the FAQ for the newsgroup sci.geo.meteorology. The FAQ contains current information on weather satellite data and images, and on meteorological, oceanographic, and geophysical research data. Information on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) may be found in the GIS-L mailing list, the newsgroup comp.infosystems.gis, or on the FTP site



Information on all aspects of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


Discussion of meteorology

Mailing lists

Forum for the discussion of Geographical Information Systems

To subscribe: send email to with the body "subscribe GIS-L yourfirstname yourlastname"

FTP archives

Geologic, GIS, mapping, earth science software and resources for the PC and Macintosh

Synthetic stereo satellite images of earth

Weather map of England, Europe, and the earth in GIF format

Weather satellite images of North America and Surface Analysis weather maps in GIF format

Telnet archives

Ocean Information Center. Data sets related to oceanography.

Login: info

Web Sites

Earth sciences listservers

GIS net sites

Online resources for earth sciences

Astronomy and Space Exploration Imaging Resources

The Internet abounds with information on astronomy, astrophysics, and space exploration. Archives contain thousands of images collected from telescopic, satellite, and spacecraft data.

The Space Telescope Electronic Information System ( is a very comprehensive resource for all astronomical information, accessible both via the Web and FTP. It includes many spacecraft and Hubble Space Telescope images.

The NASA archive contains not only a huge collection of images but also references to other resources, such as UUNET, the Washington University archives, and the Lawrence Berkeley Labs.



An astronomy discussion


Figaro data-reduction package discussion


Discussions on the Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS)


An astronomy discussion


Issues related to the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS)


Hubble Space Telescope data


A planetarium-oriented discussion

Electronic journal


Information on new NASA software for astronomy and space exploration

To subscribe: send email to

FTP archives

NASA/Ames Archives. Data files, GIF images, and NASA press releases and indexes.

Big Bear Solar Observatory. Solar full-disk and high-resolution images.

NASA images in GIF, JPEG, PostScript, Sun Raster, and X Bitmap formats. Links to LBL, Washington University, and UUNET.

Planetary Data System (PDS) Geosciences Node and Magellan spacecraft images

Telnet archives

EnviroNET (Space Environment Information Service). Space data from NASA and the European Space Agency.

Username: envnet
Password: henniker

National Space Sciences Data Center. Archive for space and earth science researchers.

Login: nodis

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