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For information about the Internet and the various types of Internet services, see:

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The Web itself is crammed full of information about creating and using inline graphics (try performing a Web search using the key phrase "Web graphics"). The following Web resources contain very good information on Web page graphics, but they are by no means the only available sources:
Writing HTML: A Tutorial for Creating Web Pages

A complete Web page construction tutorial courtesy of the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction. Tutorial 7 contains the inline graphics information.
Jaap's Link Collection

Links to many useful Web pages for HTML development.
A Beginner's Guide to HTML

Contains a nice section on inline images.
Extensions to HTML 2.0

Information on advanced features of Web graphics.
What is MIME?

An introduction to MIME.
Yahoo Icons and Bitmaps

Links to numerous icon and bitmap archives. All suitable for use as Web graphics.
The Transparent/Interlace GIF Resource Page

A terrific source of information for using GIF files to store Web page graphics.
The Creative Internet: Transparent GIF Info

More info on transparent GIFs and GIF software tools.
WWW Inline Images FAQ

Frequently asked questions about inline images on the Web.

Tom Boutell's excellent FAQ on the World Wide Web.
Transparent Background Images

More info on transparent GIFs and how to create them.
Recommended File Formats for WWW Documents

Information on file formats used on the Web.

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