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CAD (Computer Aided Design), Computer Aided Design, Sources of Vector Format Files
BRL-CAD, Overview
graphics, Animation
and SGI, Overview
CALS raster format, Overview
and bit order, Bit Order
and PostScript PDL, Overview
Type II, Tiles
case sensitivity and filenames, Case Sensitivity
CCDs (charge coupled devices), CCD
CCIR-601 digital television standards, Overview, MPEG-2
CCITT encoding schemes, Audio Formats, Compressing Data, CCITT (Huffman) Encoding
Group 3, CCITT (Huffman) Encoding
Group 4, CCITT (Huffman) Encoding
JBIG versus, JBIG Compression
as non-adaptive, CCITT (Huffman) Encoding
tips for designing, Tips for Designing CCITT Encoders and Decoders
CD-DA (Compact Disc--Digital Audio) standard, Digital Audio, Multimedia File Formats, CD-DA
CD-I (Compact Disc--Interactive) standard, CD-I, Multimedia File Formats
CD-R (Compact Disc--Recordable or Compact Disc--Write Once) standard, CD-R, Multimedia File Formats
CD-ROMs (Compact Disc--Read Only Memory), CD-ROM
Kodak Photo CD, Overview
and QuickTime, Overview
of spacecraft data, Overview
for storing multimedia information, Multimedia File Formats
CDs (compact discs), Compact Disc, Multimedia File Formats
and MPEG, Overview
CD-XA (Compact Disc--Extended Architecture) standard, CD-XA, Multimedia File Formats
CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile), Gradient fills, Metafile Formats, Vector File Size Issues, Overview, Text in Vector Files
converting to another format, Metafile to Metafile
and GKS standard, Overview
and Lotus PIC, Overview
character data, Font Formats
chemical imaging resources, Chemical and Biomedical Imaging Resources
chroma, chroma
chrominance components, Arithmetic encoding, chrominance
chunks, chunk
in Microsoft RIFF, Overview, File Organization
CIE (Commission Internationale de l'E'clairage), CIE
CLUT (Color Look-Up Table), look-up table
CMU file formats, Overview
CMY (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow), CMY (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow), CMY
CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Key), CMYK
codec, codec
color, Color
attributes, Fills and color attributes
books about, For Further Information
calibration, color calibration
channels, color channel, A Word About Color Spaces
correction tables, color correction table, How Bitmap Files Are Organized
definition scheme, color definition scheme, Pixel Data and Palettes
few colored-data on many-colored device, Issues When Displaying Colors
fullcolor, fullcolor display, Some More About Truecolor
gamut, How Colors Are Represented , color gamut
hicolor, fullcolor display, Some More About Truecolor
how we see, How We See Color
map, How We See Color, look-up table
palettes, Examples of palettes, Pixel Data and Palettes
plane, Image Description Information
representation, How Colors Are Represented
sex problems, Bit Order
spaces, color space, A Word About Color Spaces
specification, Pixel Data and Palettes
subtraction, Additive and subtractive color systems
systems, Additive and subtractive color systems, additive system
tables, How We See Color, look-up table
values, pixel values
Color Look-Up Table (CLUT), look-up table
color models, Some More About Truecolor, color models
Black, White, and Gray, Black, White, and Gray
CMY, CMY (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow)
HSV, HSV (Hue, Saturation, and Value), HSI
RGB, A Word About Color Spaces
YUV, YUV (Y-signal, U-signal, and V-signal)
compact discs (CDs), Compact Disc, Multimedia File Formats
and MPEG, Overview
Compact Video Compressor method, Overview
comp.compression newsgroup, For Further Information, For Further Information About Data Compression
comp.graphics newsgroup, For Further Information, General Resources
and MTV, Overview
comp.graphics.misc newsgroup, One Last Word
comp.multimedia newsgroup, For Further Information
component selective refinement, JPEG, Selective refinement
component video, component video
colors, composite color, A Word About Color Spaces
image tiling, Image tiling
video, composite video
compress program, Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) Compression
compression, data compression, Data Compression, Compressing Data
adaptive, semi-adaptive, and non-adaptive, For Further Information About JPEG
algorithms, Compressing Data
ART, ART, ART Compression, Data Compression, Compressing Data
artifact, compression artifact
Discrete Cosine Transform, Baseline JPEG, DCT, Data Compression, Digital Video
fractal image, Fractal Image Compression, Data Compression
JBIG, Data Compression, JBIG Compression
MR and MMR, JBIG Compression, CCITT (Huffman) Encoding
negative, For Further Information About JBIG
physical and logical, JBIG Basics
proprietary methods of, Proprietary compression methods
ratio, Data Compression Terminology
symmetric and asymmetric, For Further Information About JBIG
type, Compression Type
CompuServe, CompuServe
Unisys and, LZW Legal Issues
computer graphics, Computer Graphics Basics
books about, For Further Information
ComputerEyes Raw Data Format, ComputerEyes Raw Data Format (.CE1 and .CE2)
conforming software, Test Files
Constrained Parameters Bitstreams (CPBs), Overview
contiguous data, contiguous data, Different Approaches to Bitmap Data Organization, Contiguous data
convenience revisions, convenience revision, File Identifier
conversion applications, ...But If You Do
converted file, ...But If You Do
convolution, Issues When Displaying Colors, convolution
copy protection, Misconceptions about cryptography
copyrights, Copyrights, copyright
on graphics files, Copyrights, Copyright notices in graphics files
object code, Object code copyright
rights of ownership, Rights of ownership
Corel Trace, Bitmap and Metafile to Vector
corruption of graphics files, Corruption of Graphics Files
count value, For Further Information About JBIG
CPBs (Constrained Parameters Bitstreams), Overview
CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check), CRC
cross-coding, JBIG Basics
CRTs, What Is Vector Data?
cryptography, Encryption of Graphics Files
misconceptions and benefits, Misconceptions about cryptography
private versus public key, Private and public key cryptography
Cyber Paint Sequence, Cyber Paint Sequence Format (.SEQ)
Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC), CRC
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