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NAPLPS (North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax), Overview
National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA), Overview
n-bit color (n=4,8,15,16,24), 4-bit color
NCGA (National Computer Graphics Association) and IGES, Overview
negative compression, For Further Information About JBIG
NEOchrome animation, NEOchrome Format (.NEO), NEOchrome Animation Format (.ANI)
Archie, Archie
email, Email Etiquette: Splitting Large Files
FTP, FTP Etiquette
USENET posting, USENET Posting Etiquette
newsgroups (general), Newsgroups
newsgroups (graphics-related)
comp.compression, For Further Information, For Further Information About Data Compression
comp.graphics, For Further Information, Overview, General Resources
comp.graphics.misc, One Last Word
comp.multimedia, For Further Information
list of, Newsgroups
sci.astro.fits, For Further Information
sci.data.formats, For Further Information
sci.image.processing, General Resources
NewTek's Lightwave, 3D Formats
NFF (Neutral File Format), Overview
and PRT, Overview
and RTrace, Overview
noise removal, JBIG Basics
non-adaptive compression, For Further Information About JPEG
for audio information, Digital Audio
North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax (NAPLPS), Overview
NTSC (National Television Standards Committee), Arithmetic encoding, NTSC, Digital Video
and TGA, Overview
numerical format: Lotus DIF, Overview
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