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Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL-) CAD, Overview
banding, banding
baseline JPEG, Baseline JPEG
BBS (Bulletin Board System), Bulletin Board Systems
BBS (Bulletin Board Systems), BBS
BDF (Bitmap Distribution Format), Overview
Beta video format, Beta
Bezier splines, Vector File Size Issues, Bezier curve, Overview
BIG file format, and VIFF, Overview
big-endian byte ordering, big-endian, Byte Order
and header reading, Gotchas
on a little-endian machine, Gotchas
bi-level displays, bi-level, Some More About Truecolor
binary file formats
Macintosh PICT, Overview, Vector to Vector
.MOD, Overview
SGO, Overview
XBM, Overview
binary readers, Reading Graphics Data
binary representation, Writing Image Data
of sound, Digital Audio
Binary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data (BUFR), Overview
biomedical imaging resources, Chemical and Biomedical Imaging Resources
depth, bit depth, Bitmap Data
order, bit order, Bit Order
per pixel (bpp), bit depth
plane, bit plane
sex, Bit Order, bit sex
bit-level RLE, For Further Information About JBIG
bitmap data, Bitmap Data
Bitmap Distribution Format (BDF), Overview
bitmap file formats, Introduction, File Organization
DPX, Overview
GEM Raster, Overview, For Further Information About JPEG
Lumena Paint (BPX, PIX), Lumena Paint
Microsoft RIFF, Audio, Overview
MIFF, Overview
OS/2 BMP, Overview
PNG, Overview, Copyright notices in graphics files
Presentation Manager Metafile, Overview
SPIFF, SPIFF (Still Picture Interchange File Format) , Overview
Utah RLE, Overview
XBM, Overview, Problems with the display environment
bitmap files, Sources of Bitmap Data: Raster Devices, Bitmap Files, bitmap data
compressing, Data Compression
to bitmap, Bitmap to Bitmap
to metafile, Bitmap and Vector to Metafile
to vector, Bitmap and Metafile to Vector
organization of, How Bitmap Files Are Organized
and pixel data, Pros and Cons of Bitmap File Formats
scaling, Pros and Cons of Bitmap File Formats
strips and tiles, Different Approaches to Bitmap Data Organization
bitmap fonts, Bitmap fonts
bitmap headers
Microsoft Windows BMP, Examples of Bitmap Headers
Sun Raster format, Example 1: Microsoft Windows Bitmap Version 1.x Format Header
Kofax Raster format, Example 2: Sun Raster Format Header
reading speed, Optimizing Header Reading
bitmap images, bitmap image, Graphics Data
converting to fractal data, Fractal Basics
monochrome, Other Bitmap File Features
bit-ordering schemes, Bit Order
Black, White, and Gray color model, Black, White, and Gray
blocks, chunk
bpp (bits per pixel), bit depth
BRL-CAD (Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD), Overview
broadcast quality, broadcast quality
BUFR (Binary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data), Overview
bugs, corrupting graphics files, Problems with the program code
Bulletin Board System (BBS), BBS, Bulletin Board Systems
byte ordering, byte order, Byte Order
big-endian, big-endian, Gotchas, Byte Order
little-endian, Gotchas, little-endian, Byte Order
LSB (least significant byte), Byte Order
middle-endian, Byte Order
MSB (most significant byte), Byte Order
byte-level RLE, For Further Information About JBIG
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