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MacBinary standards, Overview
Machine Independent File Format (MIFF), Overview
Macintosh Paint, Overview
and byte order, Byte Order
Macintosh PICT (Macintosh Picture), Overview, Metafile Formats, Vector to Vector
and previewing EPSF files, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) Example
Macintosh software packages, AFE and XTND Translator Packages, alljpeg, BigPicture, BitMaptoEPS, BoxGraphicsLib, clip2gif, epsConverter, EPS Fixer, GIF Blast, GIFConverter, GraphicConverter, Graphics Read, JPEGView, MacAnim Viewer, NIH Image, PhotoGIF, PictSize, Pixx'r, ProJPEG, PS2EPS+, Sparkle
magic numbers, file identifier value
magic values, magic values, File Identifier
errors in, Magic value errors
mailing lists, Mailing Lists
resources via, Mailing lists
makeup code words, JBIG Basics
MathCAD and HiJaak Conversion Utility, Overview
MATLAB and VIFF, Overview
MET (Presentation Manager Metafile), Overview
metadata, Overview, metadata
metafile formats, Introduction
Microsoft RTF, Overview
Microsoft Windows Metafile, Overview
WPG, Overview, For Further Information About JPEG
metafiles, metafile, Metafile Formats, Metafiles
ASCII, Platform Independence?
compression of, Data Compression
conversion to bitmap, Vector and Metafile to Bitmap
conversion to metafile, Metafile to Metafile
conversion to vector, Bitmap and Metafile to Vector
meteorological file formats
BUFR, Overview
GRIB, Overview
VIS-5D, Overview
meteorological imaging resources, Meteorological, Oceanographic, and Geophysical Imaging Resources
Microsoft Paint (MSP), Overview
Microsoft RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format), Audio, Overview
Microsoft RTF (Rich Text Format), Overview
Microsoft SYLK (Symbolic Link), Vector Formats, Overview, Sources of Vector Format Files
Microsoft Video (for Windows), Overview
Microsoft Waveform, Audio
Microsoft Windows BMP, Why Encrypt Graphics Files?, Overview
compression of, Data Compression
copyright notices in, Copyright notices in graphics files
and Run-Length Encoding, Run-Length Encoding (RLE)
Version 1.x, Examples of Bitmap Headers
versus JPEG, JPEG Compression
Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF), Overview, Vector and Metafile to Bitmap
converting to another format, Metafile to Metafile
and previewing EPSF files, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) Example
middle-endian byte ordering, Byte Order
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), Multimedia File Formats, MIDI Standard, MIDI
and .RMI files, Overview
MIFF (Machine Independent File Format), Overview
MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), For Further Information, Email, Web Basics, Web Browser Helper Applications
MJPEG (Motion JPEG), Relationship Between MPEG, JPEG, and MJPEG
MMR (Modified Modified Read) compression algorithm, JBIG Compression, CCITT (Huffman) Encoding
.MOD file format, Overview
modification rights, Rights of ownership
monochrome, monochrome
bitmaps, Other Bitmap File Features
motion compensation, Digital Video
motion-video data, Overview
movie resource, File Organization
Movie Toolbox, Overview
MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group), Overview
MR (Modified Read) compression algorithm, JBIG Compression
MS Windows software packages
Windows 3.1 software, Brenda (The Batch Renderer), CompuPic, FITSView, Graphics Viewer--VBX, Graphics Viewer, GraphX Viewer, Graphic Workshop for Windows, Landscape Explorer, LView Pro, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoLab, Picture Man, Ulead Viewer, VuePrint, wcvt2pov, Win4Dv, WinJPEG
Windows 95 software, Graphic Workshop for Windows, LView Pro, Paint Shop Pro, VuePrint
MSB (most significant byte), MSB, Byte Order
MS-DOS, Bitmap fonts
MS-DOS software packages, gif2dxf, Graphics Display System (GDS), Graphic Workshop, IMDISP, PICLAB, QPV/386, QPNG/386, tofits and totiff, VPIC
MTV, Overview
multi-channel palette, multi-channel palette
multimedia, Multimedia Formats, multimedia, Multimedia
application files, viruses in, Viruses in Graphics Files
and CD-ROMs, Multimedia File Formats
multimedia file formats, Introduction
Intel DVI, Overview
Microsoft RIFF, Audio, Overview
MPEG, Overview
multi-platform file formats
Andrew Toolkit (CMU file formats), Overview
FITS, Overview, Overview
HDF, Overview
Microsoft RTF, Overview
MIFF, Overview
MTV, Overview
P3D, Overview
Pixar RIB, Overview
YAODL, Overview, File Organization
multiple-channel, Types of palettes
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