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FaceSaver, Overview
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) listings, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Listings
FAX file formats, FAX files, Overview, ...And Which Are Not
and CCITT encoding, CCITT (Huffman) Encoding
field (in file), Fields, field
file format
error-detecting reader, Hints for Designing File Readers and Writers
proprietary, Proprietary file formats
writers, Hints for Designing File Readers and Writers
writing specifications for, Writing a File Format Specification
file identifier value (ID), file identifier value, File Identifier
filenames, Filenames
detecting corruption of, Detecting File Corruption
elements of, file element, Elements of a Graphics File
extensions to, Problems with the display environment
fully conforming, Test Files
reader for, Problems with the display environment
test, Test Files
unexpected characters in, Unexpected characters
fill attributes, Fills and color attributes, fill attributes
fill colors, Fills and color attributes
filler, Unused Space
filter, Reading Graphics Data
FITS, Overview
and VIFF, Overview
flag value, For Further Information About JBIG
FLI Animation, Overview
floating-point formats, Floating-Point Formats
fonts, Font Formats
Hershey character sets, Stroke fonts, Text in Vector Files
footers, Footer, Footer
formal copyrights, Explicit versus implicit copyrights
absolute, Issues When Using Palettes
conversion, Format Conversion
creator, format creator
Fractal, Compressing Data
fractal image compression, Fractal Image Compression, fractal compression
Fractal Transform, Fractal Basics
frames (animation), File Organization, frame, Digital Video
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) listings, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Listings
FTP (File Transfer Protocol), FTP
graphics archives, FTP Archives, FTP Archives
fullcolor, fullcolor display, Some More About Truecolor
full-motion video, full-motion video
fully conforming software, Test Files
fuzzy logic, fuzzy logic
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