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object code copyright, Object code copyright
object data, What About Object Data?, Vector Versus Bitmap Files
Object Description Language (ODL) and PDS, Overview
Object File Format (OFF), Overview
object-based file systems, Introduction
object-oriented databases, Overview
object-oriented files, viruses in, Viruses in Graphics Files
oceanographic imaging resources, Meteorological, Oceanographic, and Geophysical Imaging Resources
ODA, ODIF, Overview
ODL (Object Description Language) and PDS, Overview
OFF (Object File Format), Overview
Office Document formats (ORA, ODIF), Overview
offset values, out of range, Out-of-range offset values
Open Look GUI and Sun Icon, Overview
order, bit, Bit Order
OS/2 BMP, Overview
OS/2 software packages, GBM (Generalized Bitmap Module), PMJPEG (Presentation Manager JPEG)
output device, output device, Graphics and Computer Graphics, ...But If You Do
language, output device language, ...And Which Are Not
output (of graphics process), The Basics, output
overlay bit, overlay bit, Overlays and Transparency
overlays, Overlays and Transparency
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