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Radiance, Overview
radix-64, Using PGP to Encrypt Graphics Files
rasters, bitmap, Sources of Bitmap Data: Raster Devices, raster, Graphics Data
Raw Compressor method, Overview
raw data, Compression Type, Data Compression Terminology
raw formats, Bitmap Files
ray tracing and MTV, Overview
ray tracing file formats
POV, Overview
PRT, Overview
QRT, Overview
Radiance, Overview
Rayshade, Overview
uRay, Overview
Vivid and Bob, Overview
Rayshade, Overview
READ (Relative Element Address Designate) codes, Group 3 Two-Dimensional (G32D)
ASCII, Vector and Metafile to Bitmap
binary, Reading Graphics Data, Vector and Metafile to Bitmap
FITS, Keywords
FLI, PSTAMP chunk, Overview, BYTE_RUN chunk
RIFF, File Organization
TIFF, Overview, Strips
reading graphics data, Hints for Designing File Readers and Writers, Reading Graphics Data
realization, Rendering and Images, realization
rendering, rendering, render, Rendering and Images
applications, Overview
repeat scan line packet, For Further Information About JPEG
representation, Graphics and Computer Graphics, representation
reproduction rights, Rights of ownership
reserved fields, Unused Space
reserved space, Unused Space
resolution, resolution
RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color model, RGB, A Word About Color Spaces
and digital video, Digital Video
RIX, Overview
RTC (Return To Control) code, JBIG Basics
RTrace, Overview
run count, Run-Length Encoding (RLE)
run lengths, code words for, JBIG Basics
run value, For Further Information About JBIG, Run-Length Encoding (RLE)
run-length encoding (RLE), Data Compression, Compressing Data, Run-Length Encoding (RLE)
and animation, Animation
runs (strings), Run-Length Encoding (RLE)
frequency of, JBIG Basics
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