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G31D encoding, JBIG Basics
G32D encoding, Group 3 Two-Dimensional (G32D)
G42D encoding, Group 4 Two-Dimensional (G42D)
GEM Raster (IMG), Overview, For Further Information About JPEG
GEM VDI (vector) metafile format, Overview, Vector to Vector
GEMDOS format, Imagic Film/Picture Format (.IC1, .IC2, .IC3)
geophysical imaging resources, Meteorological, Oceanographic, and Geophysical Imaging Resources
GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), Overview, Graphics on the Web
compressing with archive programs, USENET Posting Etiquette
copyright notices in, Copyright notices in graphics files
file identifier, File Identifier
for test purposes, Test Files
versus JPEG, JPEG Compression
GKS (Graphical Kernel System), Overview
graphic work, graphic work
Graphical Kernel System (GKS) standard, Overview
graphics, Computer Graphics Basics, Graphics and Computer Graphics, graphics data
general resources for, General Resources
logos and trademarks, Trademarks
Graphics Compressor method, Overview
graphics file formats, Introduction, Bitmap Files, graphics file format
designing your own, Designing Your Own Format
immortality of, Preface
graphics files, graphics file, ...But If You Do
copyrights, patents, and trademarks, Trademarks, Patents, and Copyrights
corruption of, Corruption of Graphics Files
embedding using HTML, Embedding Graphics Files Using HTML
encryption of, Encryption of Graphics Files
physical protection of, Physical protection
protecting with PGP, Using PGP to Encrypt Graphics Files
reading and writing, Hints for Designing File Readers and Writers
resources for, Graphics Files and Resources on the Internet
testing, Test Files
viruses in, Viruses in Graphics Files
over the Web, Graphics on the Web
GRASP (GRAphical System for Presentation), Overview
graymap, graymap, Bitmap Data
gray-scale, gray-scale
on Kodak XL7700 printer, Overview
Green Book, Multimedia File Formats
GRIB (GRIdded Binary), Overview
Group 3 One-Dimensional encoding, JBIG Basics
Group 3 Two-Dimensional encoding, Group 3 Two-Dimensional (G32D)
Group 4 Two-Dimensional encoding, Group 4 Two-Dimensional (G42D)
GUI (Graphical User Interface)
applications, Introduction
Microsoft Windows, Overview, Overview
and RIFF, Overview
Open Look, Overview
SunView, Overview
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