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/i modifier
Pattern Matching
Pattern-Matching Operators
-I switch, perl : Switches
-i switch, perl : Switches
<i> tags
The <i> Tag
I18N::Collate module : I18N::Collate--Compare 8-bit Scalar...
id attribute (<object>) : The id and name attributes
identifiers (see names)
identifying users : User Authentication and Identification
ideographic unary operators : Ideographic Unary Operators
IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) : The Internet Engineering Task Force
if statements
Simple Statements
The if and unless statements
If Statements
C Traps
in case structure : Bare Blocks and Case Structures
If-Match header : If-Match
If-Modified-Since header : If-Modified-Since
If-None-Match header : If-None-Match
If-Range header : If-Range
If-Unmodified-Since header : If-Unmodified-Since
<iframe> tags
Frame Border Attributes
Internet Explorer HTML Exclusives
Inline Frames
The <iframe> Tag
Using Inline Frames
'IGNORE' string : Signals
ignored HTML tags : Ignored or Redundant Tags
<ilayer> tags
The <ilayer> Tag
Combining <layer> an...
Image( )
Image Object
Image Manipulation
image/ media types : Media Types and Subtypes
Image method : Digital Clock
ImageMagick : Utilities and Applications
Image Maps
<input type=image>
Custom buttons
Introduction to Imagemaps
The imagemap display
Image Maps
The ismap and usemap attributes
Mouse-Sensitive Images
Effective Use of Mouse-Sensitive Images
204 (No Response) code with : The "No Response" Code
<area> tags (see <area> tags)
<map> tags (see <map> tags)
NCSA program for : GET vs. POST
images (Image objects) and graphics
Images Are Special
Inserting Images in Your Documents
Combining movie <img>...
Referencing Audio, Video, and Images
Manipulate Embedded Images
Non-HTML Documents
Special Effects with Images
Image Manipulation
Image Object
Check the Client Browser
Accept Types and Content Types
Digital Clock
Web Server Accesses
What JavaScript Can't Do
access counter : Graphic Counter
alignment of : The align attribute
Server Push
Other Image Techniques
(see also background attribute)
background-image property : The background-image property
borders for
The border attribute
Removing the image border
The href attribute
in buttons
Submit and Reset Buttons
Custom image buttons
in calendar manager : Graphics
clickable (see imagemaps)
color (see colors)
combining with queries : Combining Graphics and Queries
formats for
Understanding Image Formats
GIF format : Check the Client Browser
GIF89a format, converting to : Converting the Image
JPEG format : Check the Client Browser
in headings : Adding Images to Headings
Image object elements
imagemaps (see imagemaps)
links and : Using Images and Links
marking list items with : The list-style-image property
multiple dynamic images : Inserting Multiple Dynamic Images
Netscape 3.0 enhancements : Image Manipulation
performance and : Problems with background images
pie graphs
Survey/Poll and Pie Graphs
Drawing the Pie Chart
replacement example : Image Replacement Example
rules (see horizontal rules)
size of
The height and width attributes
Problems with height and width
in tables : Images in tables
transparent (see transparency)
wrapping text around : Wrapping text around images
images[ ] property
Image Object
Images in tables
Special Effects with Images
imaginary numbers : Math::Complex--Complex Numbers Package
<img> tags
Inline Images
The <img> Tag
Combining movie <img>...
Check the Client Browser
Combining Graphics and Queries
Images in tables
Images and form event handlers
Manipulate Embedded Images
Other Image Properties
emulating spacers with : Mimicking the <spacer>...
video extensions
Video Extensions
Combining movie <img>...
immutable strings : Mutable string values
implementation : Implementation (the "Uses" Relationship)
implementation classes (see tie function)
import( ) : Env--Import Environment Variables
import function
import lists : Specialized import lists
environment variables : Env--Import Environment Variables
external style sheets
Imported external style sheets
Linked Versus Imported Style Sheets
modules : Exporter--Default Import Method for...
semantics into package : use
subroutines : Subroutines
in clause (see for/in statement)
in-memory databases : In-memory databases
@INC array
Global Special Arrays
manipulating at compile time : lib--Manipulate @INC at Compile-Time
prepending directories to : Switches
%INC hash : Global Special Arrays
include command
Including Boilerplates
include directive (SSI) : include
includes (see CGI side includes; SSI)
IncludesNoExec option : Configuration
including JavaScript files : Including JavaScript Files
incompatibility with browsers
applets : Supporting incompatible browsers
embedded objects : The <noembed> Tag
frames : The <noframes> Tag
JavaScript scripts
The <noscript> Tag
Compatibility with Non-JavaScript B...
notifying users of : Notifying Users of Old Browsers
tables : When tables aren't implemented
incr command (debugger) : Debugger Commands
increment (++) operator
Autoincrement and Autodecrement Ope...
Autoincrement and Autodecrement
Overloadable operations
Increment (++)
indentation of code
The text-indent property
Whitespace and Line Breaks
index, array : Arrays
index function : index
index gateway : Search/Index Gateway
index property
indexOf( )
for String object : String.indexOf()
indirect object syntax
Method Invocation
Object-Oriented Scaling Tips
inequality (see equality operators; relational operators)
inequality (!=) operator
Inequality (!=)
Equality Operators
Universal Blunders
infinite loops
For loops
Infinite Loops in JavaScript
Security Hobbles in Navigator 3.0
infinity constants
infinity (Inf)
Special Numeric Values
infix dereference operator (see arrow operator)
information HTTP status codes : Informational
information servers
Forking/Spawning Child Processes
Brief Refresher on Object-Oriented ...
A Class Is Simply a Package
Object-Oriented Scaling Tips
Inheriting a Constructor
inherit visibility : The visibility attribute
instance variables : Instance Variable Inheritance
styles and
Class inheritance
Property Inheritance
init program : getppid
initial caps (see capitalization)
arrays and hash slices : Multiplicative Operators
hash variables : Hashes (Associative Arrays)
objects (see constructors)
web page : onLoad() and onUnload() Event Handlers
Inline Frames
Using Inline Frames
images : Inline Images
items : The display property
The <ilayer> Tag
Combining <layer> an...
references : Inline References
Inline Styles: The style Attribute
External, document-level, and inline JSS
$ino file statistic : stat
INPLACE_EDIT$ (see $^I variable)
to CGI programs
Examining Environment Variables
encoded : Encoded Data
Accessing Form Input
Encoded Data
forms (see also forms)
from sockets : Socket I/O in Perl
checking file descriptors for : select (ready file descriptors)
operators : Input Operators
Perl operations for : Input/Output
pipes : Pipes
reading in awk : Awk Traps
record separator (see $/ variable)
single-character buffered : getc
verifying : Interact with Document Content
(see also filehandles)
$INPUT_LINE_NUMBER (see $. variable)
$INPUT_RECORD_SEPARATOR (see $/ variable)
<input> tag
Text and Password Fields
Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
Mail Gateway
Form Input Elements
Form <input> Event H...
<input type=checkbox>
The <input> Tag
HTML syntax
HTML syntax
HTML syntax
HTML syntax
HTML syntax
JavaScript and
HTML syntax
HTML syntax
HTML syntax
insert command : CGI Side Includes
Install module : ExtUtils::Install--Install Files fr...
install( ) : ExtUtils::Install--Install Files fr...
installing Perl
ExtUtils::Install--Install Files fr...
Distribution and Installation
instance methods
Brief Refresher on Object-Oriented ...
Instance methods
instance variables : Instance Variables : Classes in JavaScript
Brief Refresher on Object-Oriented ...
Classes in JavaScript
int function : int
integer method : integer--Do Arithmetic in Integer I...
integer module : Pragmas
Integer Literals
integer--Do Arithmetic in Integer I...
Math::BigInt--Arbitrary-Length Inte...
strings as vectors of : vec
with applets
Interacting with Applets
Interacting with Applets
with document content : Interact with Document Content
with users
Interact with the User
Using the Java System Classes
(see also CGI)
interlacing : Interlacing, transparency, and animation
"Internal Server Error" status code
What should I do when I get a "Serv...
Status Codes
The Internet
Beneath the World Wide Web
direct connection to : Internet connection
information servers
Forking/Spawning Child Processes
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) : The Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Explorer
Video Extensions
JavaScript 1.0 and 1.1
Client-Side JavaScript
Internet Explorer HTML Exclusives
Active technology and : Writing Applets
bugs in : Known JavaScript Bugs in Internet E...
case sensitivity : Case Sensitivity in Internet Explorer
cookies : Cookies in Internet Explorer 3.0
FOR and EVENT attributes
Event Handlers in <SCRIPT> Tags
for/in statement and :
incompatibility : JavaScript Incompatibilities in Int...
Java language and : Working with Java in Internet Explorer
Security in Internet Explorer
table extensions
Internet Explorer Table Extensions
Using column groups
Internet Protocol (see IP)
Internet Server Solution : Other Languages Under Microsoft Windows
Internet TCP clients/servers : Internet TCP clients and servers
array variables : Interpolating array values
interpolative context : Interpolative context
scalar values : String literals
interpreter line, missing : Missing Interpreter Line
interpreters (see command interpreters)
interprocess communication (IPC)
Cooperating with Other Processes
Inter_Main( ) routine : The Main( ) Routine
inverting arrays and hashes : reverse
invoking (see executing)
invoking functions (see functions)
ioctl function : ioctl
IP (Internet Protocol)
Talking the Internet Talk
IP addresses : The http server
IP domains, restricting access to : Restricting Access for Specified Domains
IPC (interprocess communication)
Cooperating with Other Processes
IPC::Open2 module : IPC::Open2--Open a Process for Both...
IPC::Open3 module : IPC::Open3--Open a Process for Read...
"is-a" relationship (see inheritance)
@ISA array
A Class Is Simply a Package
AnyDBM_File--Provide Framework for ...
<isindex> tag
Searchable Documents
The <isindex> Tag
Server dependencies
ismap attribute (<img>)
Image Maps
The ismap and usemap attributes
Server-Side Image Maps
Introduction to Imagemaps
isNan( )
isNaN( ) Function
Core Language Changes
Supported but Nonfunctional Properties
Special Numeric Values
ISO character set : Character Entities
ISO8859-1 encoding
Escape Sequences in String Literals
String Operators
isPaused( ) : LiveAudio
isPlaying( ) : LiveAudio
isReady( ) : LiveAudio
italics : (see <i> tags)
italics( )
iterations (see loops)
itimer routines : alarm

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