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Extended Portable Bitmap Toolkit (pbmplus)

This is the pbmplus toolkit from December 10, 1991.

The pbmplus toolkit reads and writes a wide variety of graphics formats. In addition to the formats directly supported in the kit, you will find several other conversion programs on the net that are built on top of pbmplus. In the toolkit, you'll find support for the following formats: ASCII graphic, Abekas YUV, Andrew Toolkit raster object, Atari Degas .pi1, Atari Degas .pi3, Atari Spectrum, AutoCAD database or slide, BBN BitGraph, Bennet Yee "face" file, CMU window manager, DEC sixel, Epson printer, FITS format, GEM .img, GIF, Gemini 10x printer, Gould scanner, GraphOn graphics, Group 3 FAX, HIPS format, HP LaserJet printer, HP PaintJet printer, IFF ILBM, Img-whatnot, Lisp Machine, MGR format, MTV ray tracer, MacPaint, Macintosh PICT, Motif UIL icon, NCSA ICR, PC Paintbrush, PostScript, Printronix, QRT ray tracer, Sun Icon, Sun Raster, TIFF, TrueVision Targa, Unix plot(5), Usenix FaceSaver(tm), X10/X11 bitmap, X11 "puzzle", XWD, XPM, Xerox doodle brushes, Xim, Zinc Interface Library icon, Lisp Machine bitmap, raw RGB, and raw grayscale.

Extended Portable Bitmap Toolkit (pbmplus) is in the directory /software/source/pbmplus on the CD-ROM. Extended Portable Bitmap Toolkit (pbmplus) is from Jef Poskanzer.

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