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data redirection (see server redirection)
data, encoded
Encoded Data
accessing (see gateways)
in calendar manager
The Database
A Gateway to an Oracle Database
Relational Databases
Accessing a Sybase Database
Software Developed for the Book
Student database
Accessing a Sybase Database
datebook program
Calendar Manager
counting : Counting Days Until . . .
environment variables : Counting Days Until . . .
formatting : Tailoring SSI Output
in guestbooks (see guestbooks)
DATE_GMT variable
Environment Variables
DATE_LOCAL variable
Environment Variables
DBperl : A Gateway to an Oracle Database
DBPerl : Utilities and Applications
debugging CGI programs
How do I debug my Perl CGI program ...
Debugging and Testing CGI Applications
Set UID/GID Wrapper
CGI Lint tool
CGI Lint--A Debugging/Testing Tool
CGI Lint in Action
logging errors
Logging and Simulation
Server Simulation
delete command : Cookie Server
deleting from databases : Deleting information
dePlus osax (see osax)
digital clock program
Digital Clock
Inserting Multiple Dynamic Images
Digital Clock
directories, unrecognized : CGI Script in Unrecognized Directory
division by zero : Drawing the Pie Chart
"Document Moved" status code : Status Codes
documentation, gateway for
UNIX Manual Page Gateway
DOCUMENT_NAME variable : Environment Variables
Using Environment Variables
Check the Client Browser
Extra Path Information
DOCUMENT_URI variable : Environment Variables
domains, restricting access to
Restricting Access for Specified Domains
double quotes (qq/../ construct) : Mail Gateway
Virtual Documents
Creating Dynamic Home Pages
Final PostScript Example: Analog Clock
caching : The "Expires" and "Pragma" Headers
The imagemap display
images, multiple : Inserting Multiple Dynamic Images
access counters
User Access Counter
Graphic Counter
CGI side includes
CGI Side Includes
CSI Statements and Hidden Fields
clocks (see clock)
dynamic information (see also server side includes)

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