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Request for Comments

We invite you to help us improve this book. If you have an idea that could make this a more useful programmer's quick reference, or if you find a bug in an example program or an error in the text, let us know by writing:

O'Reilly  &  Associates,  Inc.
101  Morris  Street
Sebastopol,  CA    95472
1-800-998-9938  (in  the  U.S.  or  Canada)
1-707-829-0515  (international/local)
1-707-829-0104  (FAX)

You can also send us messages electronically. To be put on the mailing list or request a catalog, send email to:

nuts@ora.com  (via  the  Internet)
uunet!ora!info  (via  UUCP)

To ask technical questions or comment on a book, send email to:

bookquestions@ora.com (via the Internet)

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