Webmaster in a Nutshell

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A lot of the information from this book was researched from other books that we've either published, or that are very near publication. Some of those books are listed at the end of Chapter 1, Introduction. Meanwhile, we'd like to thank the authors of those books for giving us permission to use their material as the basis for much of this one. They are: David Flanagan (JavaScript: The Definitive Guide), Shishir Gundavaram (CGI Programming on the World Wide Web), John Leavitt (UNIX Web Server Administration), Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy (HTML: The Definitive Guide), Susan Peck and Stephen Arrants (Building Your Own WebSite), Johan Vromans (The Perl 5 Desktop Reference), and Clinton Wong (Web Client Programming in Perl).

In addition, we'd like to thank Linda Mui, the developmental editor of this book; Tim O'Reilly, the editor of the "in a Nutshell" series; and Frank Willison, for keeping the project going while Linda was on maternity leave. We'd also like to extend special thanks to Bob Denny, who wrote the specification for WinCGI that we adapted for Chapter 14, Windows CGI; and to Jerry Peek, who documented some missing topics for us.

Thanks to the production staff at O'Reilly who got this book out speedily, while allowing us to tweak it long after we promised we'd stay away. Thanks to Jane Ellin, our production editor, who gave the book its working title, WebMasters of the Universe; Curt Degenhart, who provided production assistance; Nancy Priest, the interior book designer; Edie Freedman, who designed the cover (and found a spider with just the right level of yuckiness); Chris Reilley, who tweaked our screen shots and figures; Clairemarie Fisher O'Leary, who looked over the book with her eagle eye; Kismet McDonough-Chan for quality control; Sheryl Avruch, who kept everyone sane; Seth Maslin, for writing the index; and Lenny Muellner, for his tools support.

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