CGM Images

The following images are provided as examples of the CGM format; note that your browser may not be able to display them:


readme.txt describes in some detail the six file images provided here. There are three CGMs (Computer Graphics Metafiles) in this collection.


This CGM file is interesting for two reasons: it contains at least one instance of 18 of the 19 graphical primitives of Version 1 metafiles of CGM:1992--Polyline, Polymarker, Text, Polygon Set, Cell Array, Elliptical Arc Close, etc.--plus a good sampling of the 35 attribute elements; and, it is in the Clear Text encoding so you can read the contents and see what CGM structure and elements look like.


This file is a good example of typical CGM use in graphic arts applications. This file is a Binary-encoded CGM. It is drawn entirely using color filled polygons, rectangles, circles, and ellipses, plus lines and text (and associated attributes). Extensive use is made of color.


This file is a good example of the typical use of CGM in electronic documents, comprising SGML for revisable text, and CGM for revisable vector and raster graphics. The picture is a typical technical illustration from an aircraft maintenance manual.


The above three files are summary reports produced by the MetaCheck (TM) product, indicating at a summary level what each file contains and whether it is a valid metafile.

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