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Select.onchange() Handler


Select.onchange() Handler---invoked when the selection changes


Navigator 2.0, Internet Explorer 3.0


<SELECT onChange="handler-statements" ...>  a definition of the handler
select.onchange   a reference to the handler
select.onchange();    an explicit invocation of the handler


The Select.onchange() event handler is defined by the onChange attribute of the <SELECT> HTML tag that defines the Select object. The value of this attribute may be any number of JavaScript statements, separated by semicolons; these statements will be executed whenever the user selects or deselects an option.


In the Windows versions of Navigator 2.0, when the Select object is displayed in its drop-down menu form, the onchange() event handler is not invoked immediately after a choice is made; it is not invoked until the user clicks somewhere else on the page. This bug has been fixed in Navigator 3.0.

This is a severe enough bug (on a very common platform) that onchange() should be considered nonfunctional in Navigator 2.0. If you require immediate notification of changes, consider replacing your Select object with Checkbox or Radio objects, and using their onclick() event handlers.

See Also

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