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Option.text Property


Option.text Property---the label for an option


Navigator 2.0, Internet Explorer 3.0; enhanced in Navigator 3.0




The text property is a string that specifies the text that appears to the user for the Option object option. The initial value of this property is whatever plain (without HTML tags) text appears after the </OPTION> tag and before the next <OPTION> tag or before the closing </SELECT> tag.

In Navigator 2.0, the text property is read-only. In Navigator 3.0, it is read/write. By setting a new value for this property, you can change the text that appears for the option within its Select object. Note that if you plan to use this technique, you should ensure that changing the option label does not make the Select object wider, or if the object must become wider, that there is no information to the right of the Select object that will become obscured when it grows.

See Also

"Option", "Select"

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