TIFF Specification

The technical specification for the TIFF format is described in several files. Each of these files is an ASCII document except tiff6.ps, which is PostScript.


TIFF6.PS is a PostScript file describing TIFF 6.0.


NOTE_60.TXT is a technical note describing serious problems that have been found in TIFF 6.0's design for embedding JPEG-compressed data in TIFF; a replacement TIFF/JPEG specification is given.


TIFF_50.TXT is an ASCII document describing the major enhancements found in TIFF Revision 5.0.


TIFF_40.TXT is an ASCII document describing TIFF Revision 4.0, a tag-based file format designed to promote the interchange of digital image data.


TIFF_F.TXT is an ASCII document describing TIFF Class F, an effort to standardize facsimile hardware.

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