Harvard Graphics

Also Known As: None

Type Metafile
Colors NA
Compression None
Maximum Image Size NA
Multiple Images Per File No
Numerical Format Little-endian
Originator Software Publishing
Platform MS-DOS
Supporting Applications Harvard Graphics, other presentation graphics
See Also None

Proprietary to Software Publishing; used by Harvard Graphics business graphics application.

Software Publishing considers the format proprietary, but will consider a license arrangement.

Software Publishing, the originator of the Harvard Graphics format, considers this format to be proprietary. Although we wish this were not the case, we can hardly use our standard argument--that documenting and publicizing file formats make sales by seeding the aftermarket. Harvard Graphics has been the top, or one of the top, sellers in the crowded and cutthroat MS-DOS business graphics market, and has remained so despite the lack of cooperation of Software Publishing with external developers.

For Further Information

While we would be happy to provide information about the format if it were available, we have failed to find any during our research for this book, so it appears that Software Publishing has so far been successful in their efforts to restrict information flow from their organization.

To be fair, Software Publishing appeared to consider our request to include the Harvard Graphics format in this book. Although the organization wishes to continue to exert some measure of control over information about the format, they are willing to enter into license arrangements with third-party developers that include nondisclosure agreements. We got the impression that reasonable requests would not be refused.

For Further Information

To obtain further information about obtaining the Harvard Graphics file format under distribution license, contact Software Publishing at:

Software Publishing Inc.
P.O. Box 54983
3165 Kifer Road
Santa Clara, CA 95056-0983
Voice: 408-986-9800

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