Also Known As: None

Type Scene format
Colors NA
Compression Uncompressed
Maximum Image Size NA
Multiple Images Per File NA
Numerical Format NA
Originator David K. Buck
Platform All
Supporting Applications DKB Ray Trace application
See Also POV

Designed to support the widely-distributed, but now obsolete, DKB ray trace application.

The DKB ray tracer preceded, and has influenced, the development of the POV ray tracer.

The DKB ray trace application was created by David K. Buck, for whom it is named. DKB has enjoyed wide distribution, particularly in the PC/MS-DOS BBS world.

For Further Information

Mr. Buck declined our request for information on the format and permission to reprint the relevant documentation. He feels that there is no interest in the program, and that it has been superseded by the POV ray tracer, which is based in part on DKB. We think otherwise, of course. Once a format is out there--especially if it is distributed as freeware or shareware--it is out there, and there is no practical way to stop people from using it. Our survey of some of the large BBSs in the U.S. showed that DKB, along with other, older ray trace programs, is being downloaded with some regularity, despite the availability of POV. Unfortunately, we are not able to describe the DKB format in any detail here.

For Further Information

The DKB ray trace package is available for download from Internet archive sites and BBS systems running on a number of platforms.

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