GFF CD-ROM/Intenet Edition: MS Windows Software

These MS Windows software tools can help you manipulate, compress, and convert graphics images.

Brenda (The Batch Renderer)

Brenda (The Batch Renderer) v2.0 is a batch file image converter for MS Windows distributed as a form of shareware called "tollware" (see the program documentation).


CompuPic v1.10 is a shareware image viewer for MS Windows.


FITSView v1.0 is a freeware FITS image viewer for MS Windows.

Graphics Viewer--VBX

Graphics Viewer--VBX is a MS Windows Visual Basic tool for viewing graphics, from the authors of Graphics Viewer.

Graphics Viewer

Graphics Viewer version 2.1 is freeware (for personal use) C and Microsoft Visual Basic source for viewing graphics files under MS Windows.

GraphX Viewer

GraphX Viewer v1.51 is a freeware image file viewer and image-processing application for MS Windows.

Graphic Workshop for Windows

Graphic Workshop for Windows v1.1T is a shareware program which runs under MS Windows and displays, converts, and manipulates image files and some movie types.

Landscape Explorer

Landscape Explorer v3.51 is shareware that generates and displays terrain elevations from 2D data under MS Windows.

LView Pro

LView Pro is a shareware image viewer and image-processing application for MS Windows platforms, available in 16 and 32-bit versions.

Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro v2.01 is a shareware image-manipulation program for MS Windows.


PhotoLab v1.8 is publicly available image-processing software for MS Windows.

Picture Man

Picture Man version 1.55 is a shareware truecolor-processing tool for MS Windows.

Ulead Viewer

Ulead Viewer v1.0 is a freeware (for personal use), professionally done file viewer for MS Windows.


VuePrint v4.4 is a shareware program for MS Windows that reads and writes graphics files, and includes a slide show, a screen saver, and some image-manipulation facility.


wcvt2pov v2.7 is a freeware utility, running under MS Windows, to convert between various 3D and scene file formats.


Win4Dv v1.0 is a freeware (for personal use) viewer for mesh data running under MS Windows.


WinJPEG v2.84 is a shareware image viewer for MS Windows.

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