GFF CD-ROM/Intenet Edition: MS-DOS Software

These MS-DOS software tools can help you manipulate, compress, and convert graphics images.


gif2dxf converts GIF files into Autocad DXF format under MS-DOS.

Graphics Display System (GDS)

Graphics Display System v3.1F is shareware image viewing and manipulation software for MS-DOS.

Graphic Workshop

Graphic Workshop v7.0F is a shareware file viewer, converter, and manipulator for MS-DOS.


IMDISP is publicly available interactive image-processing software for MS-DOS.


PICLAB v1.93 is a freeware bitmap image-processing application for MS-DOS.


QPV (Quick Picture Viewer) is a shareware image viewer for MS-DOS.


QPNG is a special freeware version of QPV that supports only the PNG format.

tofits and totiff

tofits and totiff v1.2 are freeware utilities that allow conversion between Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) Type 3 and FITS (tofits), and between SBIG Type 3 and TIFF (totiff) format files, running under MS-DOS.


VPIC v7.0 is a shareware graphics file display and conversion program for MS-DOS, written especially for GIF file viewing.

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