About the Authors

James D. Murray started his computer career in 1981 on a Version 6 UNIX system running on a PDP-11/45 and programming in C. Over the years he has specialized in serial communications, image processing and analysis, and UNIX systems programming. Currently he works for a telecommunications company developing network management stations and as a staff writer for O'Reilly & Associates. James lives in Southern California, has a degree in cultural anthropology, has studied computer science and both Western and non-Western music, and practices the Japanese martial arts of Aikido and Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship).

William vanRyper has been writing graphics software since 1982 and was chief scientist at Flamingo Graphics. He is the president of uvr, a private consulting firm, and has designed and implemented drawing packages, animation software, and visualization systems for many major corporate clients. He is currently working on systems for the creation of 3D sacred geometry animations.


The cover was designed and produced by Edie Freedman in QuarkXpress 3.3. The cover image is from the Dover Pictorial Archive. Inside layouts were designed by Jennifer Niederst, and modified by Nancy Priest. The cover and the contents of the book were formatted using Copperplate and New Baskerville fonts from Adobe.

Text was prepared in SGML using the DocBook 2.1 DTD. The print version of this book was created by translating the SGML source into a set of gtroff macros using a filter developed at ORA by Norman Walsh. Steve Talbott designed and wrote the underlying macro set on the basis of the GNU gtroff -gs macros; Lenny Muellner adapted them to SGML and implemented the book design. The GNU groff text formatter version 1.08 was used to generate PostScript output.

Norman Walsh designed the GFF application and wrote the Microsoft Windows and UNIX implementations. Ken DeCanio (Ken@LittleTrain.com) at Little Train Software wrote the Macintosh implementation.

The figures were created by Chris Reilley in Aldus Freehand 4.0, and imported into the final page layouts.

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