How to Use the Book

This book is divided into three parts.

Part One, Overview, is an introduction to those computer graphics concepts that are especially helpful when you need to work with graphics file formats.

Part Two, Graphics File Formats, describes the graphics file formats themselves. There is one article per format or format set, and articles are arranged alphabetically. Each article provides basic classification information, an overview, and details of the format. In many cases we've included short code examples. We've also indicated whether the specification itself (or an article that describes the details of the format) is included on the CD-ROM, as well as code examples and images encoded in that format. Also provided in the articles are references for further information.

Part Three, Appendices, contains the following material:

We also include a Glossary, which gives definitions for terms in the text.

"For Further Information" sections throughout the book list suggestions for further reading.

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