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L command (debugger) : Debugger Commands
l command (debugger) : Debugger Commands
-l file test operator : Named Unary and File Test Operators
-l switch, perl : Switches
for loops
Loop Statements
Loop control
Programming with Style
for goto operator
names for : Variables
generating in Perl : Generating other languages in Perl
generating Perl in : Generating Perl in other languages
natural vs. artificial : Natural and Artificial Languages
Translation from Other Languages
Translation from Awk and Sed
last function : Programming with Style
last operator
Breaking out: next and last
Loop control
Time Efficiency
$LAST_PAREN_MATCH (see $+ variable)
lc function : lc
lcfirst function : lcfirst
leaving (see terminating)
left angle bracket (see <)
left justification : Format Variables
left-shift (<<) operator : Shift Operators
of arrays : List Values and Arrays
of strings : Time Efficiency
length function : length
less than (<) operator : Relational Operators
less than or equal (<=) operator : Relational Operators
less than sign (see <)
lexically scoped declarations : Scoped Declarations
lib module : lib--Manipulate @INC at Compile-Time
Liblist module : ExtUtils::Liblist--Determine Libraries to Use and How to Use Them
libraries (see directories)
The Standard Perl Library
ExtUtils: :Liblist module : ExtUtils::Liblist--Determine Libraries to Use and How to Use Them
line counter (see $. variable)
line input operators (see angle operator)
line number : Other literal tokens
_ _LINE_ _ token : Other literal tokens
line-end processing, automatic : Switches
line-oriented quoting : "Here" documents
link (see symbolic links)
link function : link
list context
List Processing
Scalar and list context
angle operator in : Line input (angle) operator
forcing scalar context instead : scalar
range (..) operator in : Range Operator
recognizing in debugger : Using the Debugger
list operators
Terms and List Operators (Leftward)
List Operators (Rightward)
list values : List Values and Arrays
listen function : listen
listing code : Debugger Commands
List Processing
List Values and Arrays
chopping : chop
as function arguments : Functions
map function and : map
A Brief Tutorial: Manipulating Lists of Lists
Data Structure Code Examples
replicating with x operator : Multiplicative Operators
returning elements in reverse order : reverse
sorting : sort
syscall function with : syscall
$LIST_SEPARATOR (see $" variable)
literals (see numeric literals) : The regular expression bestiary
numeric (see numeric literals)
pseudo-literals (see input operators)
string (see string literals)
loading functions (see AutoLoader module; SelfLoader module)
communications : UNIX-domain clients and servers
filehandles : Typeglobs and Filehandles
time : Time::Local--Efficiently Compute Time from Local and GMT Time
Scoped Declarations
Frequently Ignored Advice
local declaration : local
local function
Universal Blunders
Frequently Ignored Advice
Local module : Time::Local--Efficiently Compute Time from Local and GMT Time
localtime function : localtime
lockf function, emulating : fcntl
locking databases : Locking databases
locking DBM files : dbmopen
log files : Sys::Syslog--Perl Interface to UNIX syslog(3) Calls
log function : log
logarithm : log
AND (&&) operator : C-style Logical (Short Circuit) Operators
negation (!) operator : Ideographic Unary Operators
Logical Operators
C-style Logical (Short Circuit) Operators
Logical and, or, not, and xor
OR (||) operator : C-style Logical (Short Circuit) Operators
Long module : Getopt::Long--Extended Processing of Command-Line Options
look( ) : Search::Dict--Search for Key in Dictionary File
lookahead assertion : Regular expression extensions
Iterative (Looping) Constructs
Loop Statements
Universal Blunders
Programming with Style
eval function within : Time Efficiency
infinite : For loops
labels for : Loop control
last operator : last
next operator : next
redo operator and : redo
reset function and : reset
running time for code in : Benchmark--Check and Compare Running Times of Code
lstat function
lvalues : Variables

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Explanatory note

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