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-e file test operator : Named Unary and File Test Operators
/e modifier : Pattern-Matching Operators
-e switch, perl : Switches
each function
Tying Hashes
editor support for debugger : Editor Support for Debugging
effective gid (see $) variable)
effective uid (see $<; variable)
$EFFECTIVE_GROUP_ID (see $) variable)
$EFFECTIVE_USER_ID (see $>; variable)
efficiency (see performance)
$EGID (see $) variable)
else statement (see if statements)
elsif statement (see if statements)
Emacs, debugger and : Editor Support for Debugging
enablecache() routine : Benchmark--Check and Compare Running Times of Code
encapsulation : Using Object Methods
end of file : eof
END subrountine : Package Constructors and Destructors: BEGIN and END
_ _END_ _ token
Other literal tokens
Global Special Filehandles
endgrent function : getgrent
endhostent function : gethostent
ending (see terminating)
endless loop (see infinite loops)
endprotoent function : getprotoent
endpwent function : getpwent
endservent function : getservent
English module
vars--Predeclare Global Variable Names
Awk Traps
%ENV hash : Global Special Arrays
deleting from : delete
Env module : Env--Import Environment Variables
environment variables : Global Special Arrays
importing : Env--Import Environment Variables
PERL5DB : Debugger Customization
PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL : A Note on Garbage Collection
PWD : Cwd--Get Pathname of Current Working Directory
eof function
Time Efficiency
eq operator : Universal Blunders
equal sign (see =)
equal to (= ) operator : Equality Operators
equality operators : Equality Operators
erasing (see deleting)
$ERRNO (see $! variable)
error messages
Carp--Generate Error Messages
User Efficiency
Programming with Style
Diagnostic Messages
errors : Diagnostic Messages
handling permissions for processes : IPC::Open3--Open a Process for Reading, Writing, and Error Handling
$@ variable for : Global Special Variables
$! variable for : Global Special Variables
$? variable for : Global Special Variables
escape sequences for control characters : String literals
/etc/group file
Time Efficiency
/etc/hosts file : gethostent
/etc/networks file : getnetent
/etc/passwd file
Time Efficiency
/etc/services file : getservent
/etc/utmp file : getlogin
$EUID (see $>; variable)
eval function
References and Nested Data Structures
Time Efficiency
die function and : die
loops and : Time Efficiency
translating with variables : Pattern-Matching Operators
$EVAL_ERROR (see $@ variable)
examples, Perl : Examples
exceptions, die function for : die
exclamation point (see !)
exclusive OR operator
Bitwise Operators
Logical and, or, not, and xor
Awk Traps
exec function : exec
$EXECUTABLE_NAME (see $^X variable)
methods : Method Invocation
other programs from Perl : system
Perl program
How to Do It
Cooperating with Command Interpreters
execv function (in C) : exec
execvp function (in C) : exec
exists function
Tying Hashes
EXISTS method : Tying Hashes
exit function
exit statement (awk) : a2p
diagnostics module : diagnostics--Force Verbose Warning Diagnostics
infinite loop : For loops
exp function : exp
expansion, filename : glob
exponentiation (**) operator
Awk Traps
Exporter module : Exporter--Default Import Method for Modules
expr command (debugger) : Debugger Commands
extending arrays : List Values and Arrays
extensions, Perl
installing : ExtUtils::Install--Install Files from Here to There
Makefiles for : ExtUtils::MakeMaker--Create a Makefile for a Perl Extension
extracting substrings : substr
ExtUtils: :Install module : ExtUtils::Install--Install Files from Here to There
ExtUtils: :Liblist module : ExtUtils::Liblist--Determine Libraries to Use and How to Use Them
ExtUtils: :MakeMaker module : ExtUtils::MakeMaker--Create a Makefile for a Perl Extension
ExtUtils: :Manifest module : ExtUtils::Manifest--Utilities to Write and Check a MANIFEST File
ExtUtils: :Miniperl module : ExtUtils::Miniperl--Write the C Code for perlmain.c
ExtUtils: :Mkbootstrap module : ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap--Make a Bootstrap File for Use by DynaLoader
ExtUtils: :Mksymlists module : ExtUtils::Mksymlists--Write Linker Option Files for Dynamic Extension
ExtUtils: :MM_OS2 module : ExtUtils::MM_OS2--Methods to Override UNIX Behavior in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils: :MM_Unix module : ExtUtils::MM_Unix--Methods Used by ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils: :MM_VMS module : ExtUtils::MM_VMS--Methods to Override UNIX Behavior in ExtUtils::MakeMaker

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