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WebSite Server Configuration

26.2 General Properties

The General page of Server Admin lists some of the basic settings for the WebSite server:

Working Directory

Indicates where WebSite is installed. This directory is also called the server root. Do not change this entry unless you move WebSite to a new location.

CGI Temporary Directory

Indicates the temporary location Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs use. You can change this directory if necessary by typing in a new one.

Administrator Address

Shows the complete email address of the WebSite server administrator. Notice that the address is the Internet address you entered during setup. You can change the address here by typing in a new one.

Run Mode

Specifies how WebSite will run the next time it is started. Under Windows 95 there is only one run mode: desktop application. Under Windows NT, the pulldown list has three choices: desktop application, system service with icon, and system service without icon. If you want to run WebSite as a service, you must first select a new run mode here and then restart the server as a service.

Normal Port

Tells the server what port number to use. The standard TCP/IP port is 80.

Timeouts (Receive and Send)

Fairly standard settings. You may need to increase the timeouts if you are on a slow line, or if users complain that your server seems "slow" or "cuts off" documents. Increase the timeouts to 180 seconds for a PPP/SLIP connection.

Maximum Simultaneous Connects

Limits the number of simultaneous connections. You may need to adjust this for your line speed, to guarantee a minimum level of service. For example, if you have a 28.8 line and 10 simultaneous connections, each user sees only a 2800 baud line, which is very slow for Web traffic. In this case, you would want to decrease the number of maximum connects. If you are on a high-speed line (ISDN, T1, or T3) or running on an internal network, the number can be higher.

Hold Connection Open for Reuse

Specifies whether the server should use the Connection: Keep Alive feature, which allows browsers to reuse a connection for fetching inline graphics and other elements referenced in a document.

Winsock Vendor Information

Lists the valid Winsock programs detected on your system. WebSite uses Microsoft's Winsock Version 1.1. You cannot change this field.

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