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Perl Quick Reference

15.21 Networking

accept newsocket, genericsocket

Accepts a new socket.

bind socket, name

Binds the name to the socket.

connect socket, name

Connects the name to the socket.

getpeername socket

Returns the socket address of the other end of the socket.

getsockname socket

Returns the name of the socket.

getsockopt socket, level, optname

Returns the socket options.

listen socket, queuesize

Starts listening on the specified socket.

recv socket, scalar, length, flags

Receives a message on socket.

send socket, msg, flags [ , to ]

Sends a message on the socket.

setsockopt socket, level, optname, optval

Sets the requested socket option.

shutdown socket, how

Shuts down a socket.

socket socket, domain, type, protocol

Creates a socket in domain with type and protocol.

socketpair socket1, socket2, domain, type, protocol

Works the same as socket, but creates a pair of bidirectional sockets.

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