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13.5 Configurable Time Formats for SSI Output

Among its functions, the config SSI command allows you to specify the way the time and date are displayed with the timefmt argument, and it takes a number of special values that are summarized in the table below.

The config command in the following example makes use of two of those special time values:

<!--#config timefmt="%D %r"-->
The file address.html was last modified on: 
        <!--#flastmod file="address.html"-->.

where %D specifies that the date appear in "mm/dd/yy" format, and %r specifies that the time appear as "hh/mm/ss AM|PM."

Thus the previous example would produce output such as:

The file address.html was last modified on: 12/23/95 07:17:39 PM

Table 13.1: SSI Time Formats
Status Code Meaning Example
%a Day of the week abbreviation Sun
%A Day of the week Sunday
%b Month name abbreviation (also %h) Jan
%B Month name January
%d Date 01
%D Date as "%m/%d/%y" 06/23/95
%e Date 1 (not 01)
%H 24-hour clock hour 13
%I 12-hour clock hour 01
%j Decimal day of the year 360
%m Month number 11
%M Minutes 08
%p AM | PM AM
%r Time as "%I:%M:%S %p" 09:21:13 PM
%S Seconds 09
%T 24-hour time as "%H:%M:%S" 12:22:40
%U Week of the year (also %W) 37
%w Day of the week number 2
  (starting with Sunday=0)  
%y Year of the century 96
%Y Year 1996
%Z Time zone EST

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