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Document.vlinkColor Property


Document.vlinkColor Property---the color of visited links


Navigator 2.0, Internet Explorer 3.0




vlinkColor is a string property that specifies the color of visited links in document. This color is displayed for links that the user has already followed, i.e., those that reference a URL that the user has already visited.

The visited link color can be specified through the VLINK attribute in the <BODY> HTML tag, and the vlinkColor property will contain the specified value. The color may also be specified by assigning a value to vlinkColor directly, but this may only be done in the <HEAD> of the document, before the <BODY> tag is parsed.

Colors are specified either as one of the standard color names recognized by JavaScript, or as red, green, and blue color values, expressed as a string of six hexadecimal digits in the form "RRGGBB".

See Also

"Document", "Document.alinkColor", "Document.bgColor", "Document.fgColor", "Document.linkColor", Appendix G, JavaScript and HTML Color Names and Values

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