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Navigator.plugins.refresh() Property


Navigator.plugins.refresh() Property---make newly installed plug-ins available


Navigator 3.0





An optional Boolean argument that, if true specifies that refresh() should reload any pages that contain <EMBED> tags and use plug-ins. If this argument is omitted, it defaults to false.


The refresh() method causes Navigator to check whether any new plug-ins have been installed. If so, the plugins[] array is updated ("refreshed") to include the newly installed plug-ins. If the reload argument is specified and is true, then Navigator will also reload any currently displayed documents that contain <EMBED> tags and use plug-ins.

Note the unusual synopsis for this method. refresh() is a method of the plugins[] array, not of the Navigator object. For almost all purposes, however, it is simpler to consider it a method of the Navigator object, which is why it is grouped with the methods and properties of that object here.

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