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E. A Preview of Navigator 4.0

Core Language Features
Client-side JavaScript
Code Signing Security Model
Dynamic HTML

This appendix offers a glimpse at the new JavaScript 1.2 functionality in Navigator 4.0, which is part of the Netscape Communicator suite. This appendix was originally written before any beta version of Communicator were released, and has now been updated in a reprint to reflect the final 4.0 version of Communicator (the JavaScript documentation released with Communicator, however, is itself slightly out of date, and reflects the beta 5 version.) Space constraints in this reprint prevent this appendix from being anything more that a summary of JavaScript 1.2. You can find a more detailed introduction to the features summarized here in an online chapter available from this book's catalog page at

E.1 Core Language Features

Navigator 4.0 supports JavaScript version 1.2. In a <SCRIPT> tag, you can specify that this version of the language is to be used by specifying LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2". There are a number of major changes to the core JavaScript language in this version:

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