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Reset.onclick() Handler


Reset.onclick() Handler---invoked when a Reset button is clicked


Navigator 2.0, Internet Explorer 3.0; enhanced in Navigator 3.0


<INPUT TYPE="reset"  a definition of the handler
reset.onclick a reference to the handler
reset.onclick();  an explicit invocation of the handler


The Reset.onclick() event handler is defined by the onClick attribute of the HTML <INPUT> tag that defines the Reset button. The value of this attribute may be any number of JavaScript statements, separated by semicolons; these statements will be executed when the user clicks on the Reset button.

The Reset button has the special function of resetting all form elements to their default value. This event handler may add any additional functionality to the Reset button. In Navigator 2.0, there is no way for the onclick() event handler to cancel the reset action or to prevent the fields from being reset. In Navigator 3.0, however, the onclick() handler may return false to prevent the Reset object from resetting the form.

See Also

"Button", "Button.onclick()", "Form.onreset()", "Form.reset()", "Reset"

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