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Password.onchange() Handler


Password.onchange() Handler---invoked when input value changes


Navigator 2.0, Internet Explorer 3.0


       onChange="handler-statements"...>   a definition of the handler
Password.onchange a reference to the handler
Password.onchange();  an explicit invocation of the handler


The Password.onchange() event handler is defined by the onChange attribute of the <INPUT> HTML tag that defines the Password object. The value of this attribute may be any number of JavaScript statements, separated by semicolons; these statements will be executed whenever the user changes the value in the password input field and then "commits" those changes by moving keyboard focus elsewhere (i.e., by clicking the mouse elsewhere or by typing the Tab or Return keys). This handler is intended to process a complete change to the input value, and therefore is not invoked on a keystroke-by-keystroke basis.

For security reasons, the value field of the Password element is not readable except in Navigator 3.0 with the data-tainting security model enabled. Since the value can't be read, it doesn't do much good to be notified when that value has changed.

See Also

"Element.onchange()", "Password".

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