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Link.onmouseout() Handler


Link.onmouseout() Handler---invoked when the mouse leaves a link


Navigator 3.0


<A onMouseOut="handler-statements"> a definition of the handler
<AREA onMouseOut="handler-statements">  another definition; Navigator 3.0 only
link.onmouseout   a reference to the handler
link.onmouseout();    an explicit invocation of the handler


onmouseout() is an event-handler function invoked when the user moves the mouse off of a hypertext link. This event handler is defined by the onMouseOut attribute of the HTML <A> or <AREA> tag that defines the hypertext link. The value of this attribute may be any number of JavaScript statements, separated by semicolons. These statements will be executed when the user moves the mouse off of the link.

See Also

"Link", "Link.onmouseover()"

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