GFF CD-ROM/Intenet Edition: MS-DOS Software


VPIC v7.0 is a shareware graphics file display and conversion program for MS-DOS, written especially for GIF file viewing.

VPIC supports several different graphics file formats, including JPEG, GIF, Windows BMP, PCS, Macintosh PICT, TGA, Dr. Halo, and TIFF. It supports most of the common EGA, MCGA, VGA, and Super VGA video cards and uses a plain text configuration file to tell VPIC which VGA chip your display card uses and which video modes it can use.

You can use VPIC to develop slide shows, animate pictures, develop composit pictures, resize, and perform other manipulations.

VPIC is in the directory /software/pc/msdos/vpic on the CD-ROM. VPIC is from VPIC, Inc.

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