GFF CD-ROM/Intenet Edition: MS-DOS Software


IMDISP is publicly available interactive image-processing software for MS-DOS.

Originally designed to display and manipulate the Voyager and Magellan astronomical images that are stored on the Planetary Data System (PDS) CD-ROMs, IMDISP performs such image manipulation functions as zooming, image-merging, brightening and darkening, smoothing, edge enhancement, and more. The program comes with built-in color palettes and performs color cycling and pseudo-coloring. For input, it supports the GIF, VICAR2, PDS, FITS, and raw raster file formats. For output, it supports the GIF, PDS, and raw raster formats. IMDISP runs with CGA, EGA, VGA, and Super VGA graphics boards.

IMDISP is in the directory /software/pc/msdos/imdisp on the CD-ROM. IMDISP is from Archibald Warnock.

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