GFF CD-ROM/Intenet Edition: MS-DOS Software

Graphic Workshop

Graphic Workshop v7.0F is a shareware file viewer, converter, and manipulator for MS-DOS.

Graphic Workshop reads and displays bitmap image files, including Mac Paint, Gem IMG, PCX, GIF, TIFF, WPG, MS Paint, IFF/ILBM, BMP, Pictor PC Paint, TGA, EPS (bitmap only), text files, Dr Halo CUT, PFS ART, Sun Raster, JPEG, slow scan TV, uuencoded graphics, and PNG. Certain operations, such as file conversion, can be performed on all of these, as can image manipulation operations. This package also provides the ability to dither images.

This is an updated version of the MS-DOS favorite. Scanner support has been removed, and there is also limited video card support. Graphic Workshop works fine on standard VGA systems, however, and PNG support is a welcome addition.

Graphic Workshop is in the directory /software/pc/msdos/gwsdos on the CD-ROM. Graphic Workshop is from Alchemy Mindworks, Inc.

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