GFF CD-ROM/Intenet Edition: MS-DOS Software

Graphics Display System (GDS)

Graphics Display System v3.1F is shareware image viewing and manipulation software for MS-DOS.

GDS provides image cataloging, including point-and-click image access from catalog images. This package has 24-bit to 8-bit palette reduction, and can display files merged from many directories simultaneously (up to 2600 in the file list at once). GDS includes many preference options, and supports most common SVGA cards directly and through VESA. It is fully automatable and network supportive.

GDS reads GIF, JPEG/JFIF, TGA, Windows BMP, OS/2 BMP, DIB, FLI/FLC, GL (Grasp), DL, MPEG, PCX, PCC, RLE (Utah), TXT (ASCII), ANS (ANSI Enriched Text), TIFF, ICO, WPG (bitmapped variant), BBM, LBM, BMF, CUT/PAL (Dr. Halo), GDS, HAM, IFF, IMG (Gem Raster), MAC, PBM, PPM, PGM, RAX, RFX, and ColorrIX (SC*); it writes GIF, JPEG, JFIF, TGA, Windows BMP, DIB, RLE, PCX, ANS, TXT, CUT/PAL, GDS, IFF, IMG, LBM, RAX, RFX, and WPG.

Graphics Display System (GDS) is in the directory /software/pc/msdos/gds on the CD-ROM. Graphics Display System (GDS) is from Photodex Corporation.

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